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Wanaka House architectural design
Triangle 02_edited.png

Beacon Point

This upscale residential home in Wanaka was meticulously designed to effectively utilize the irregularly shaped building platform on the site while capitalizing on the unobstructed view of Roy's Peak across Lake Wanaka.

The house is divided into two wings with gable roofs, connected by a central space that includes a spacious living area. One gable-wing includes a spacious double garage, entryway, and the master bedrooms, while the other wing comprises a sizable open kitchen and dining area, along with additional bedrooms. The expansive central living area is separated from the kitchen and dining area by large doors, which, when opened, seamlessly merge the living space with the kitchen and dining area.

Architectural elements are prominently featured throughout both the interior and exterior of this residence. These range from the striking cedar skillion ceiling in the kitchen and dining areas to the unique offset gable design on the exterior wall of the master bedroom. These design elements were thoughtfully incorporated to ensure that each elevation of the house offers a distinct and captivating visual experience.

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