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in 2014

Daniel Hyndman Architecture Ltd has been involved in hundreds of different projects spanning the entirety of New Zealand. 


My vision has always been to establish a successful architecture business of my own, following my tenure at architecture firms of various sizes.

Direct and unobstructed communication

I have always enjoyed working with people and discovered that I was not able to deal directly with the client whilst working within architecture firms. Based on my experiences, I have found that this direct and unobstructed communication with clients is instrumental in achieving successful projects. It was a natural step to then create my own business after acquiring the required experience in different areas of architecture. 

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Architecture has introduced me to individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabled me to tackle projects of all sizes, and encounter a wide array of life experiences.


This profession has enabled me to explore different parts of the world, to understand buildings and their impacts on the surrounding environment. 


During my earlier years, I was consistently drawn to creative tasks and subjects. Whenever I encountered a blank sheet of paper and a pen, I would instinctively start sketching buildings of various scale. The realisation that this could be a career option was truly exhilarating, and thus the architecture flame was ignited within me. 


After my studies at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, I embarked on my architectural career in 2004 when I received a job offer from an architectural company in Lower Hutt. Over the course of my tenure in this job, I gained extensive expertise in various aspects of architecture, including the construction of new build residential dwellings, residential alterations and commercial projects.


In 2007 I then travelled to London where I worked for a medium sized architectural firm in Chelsea. During my four year stay in London, I had the privilege of working on a prestigious large scale residential development overlooking Hyde Park. In this role, I served as a site architect, allowing me to develop invaluable skills in clear communication on construction sites, through verbal instructions and architectural drawings.


In 2011, I returned to New Zealand after the Canterbury earthquakes where I worked for a small practice in Christchurch, where I engaged in a wide range of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors. 



New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology

Member of Architectural Designers of New Zealand (ADNZ)

Licensed Building Practitioner - Design 

Cromwell House facade design
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